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HRV Repair & Replacement

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Your HRV increases fresh airflow to your home while pushing out stale, unhealthy air. If your HRV breaks down, it should be repaired as soon as possible to continue that healthy airflow and moisture control.

When you need HRV repair in Winnipeg or the surrounding areas, contact East Side Ventilation. Our 24 hour emergency technicians can respond at any time to restore your HRV to working condition.

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How Important is HRV Repair?

The better insulated your home is, the better it retains heat in cold weather and cold in hot weather. However, insulation also prevents fresh air from entering your home. An HRV ventilates your home and circulates fresh outdoor air without compromising energy efficiency.

Your HRV has many working parts that require quick repairs, from their heat-exchange cores to their filters, fans, and defrosters. If any of these components break, your energy efficiency and air quality will both decrease.

How Can East Side Ventilation Help?

Our skilled technicians have worked with every top HRV brand. Most of our technicians have at least 25 years of industry knowledge, which means years of experience diagnosing HRV problems and performing necessary repairs.

We also promise a commitment to clean, effective repairs that don't interrupt your day. If your HRV simply can’t be repaired, our technicians can also install a new, more efficient HRV in no time.

We provide 24 hour emergency repair service. In an emergency, feel free to contact us anytime for quick repairs.

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If you need HRV repair in Winnipeg, call our office or fill out our online form for a free sales estimate. We believe in always leaving our customers satisfied. Contact us to restore your HRV's energy efficiency and airflow as soon as possible.

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