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AC Cleaning

Maintenance Cleaning for Winnipeg Air Conditioners

Air conditioning is just as important in the scorching summer months as heating is in the winter. It is important to maintain a healthy and comfortable temperature within your home all year round to be able to function happily and productively. Sitting comfortably in a chilled home on a sweltering summer day can be possible with residential air conditioning systems. However, the real challenge is in the upkeep and maintenance of these HVAC systems. Just like the other appliances, your air conditioners are also susceptible to wear and tear because of the elements as well as factors such as electricity fluctuations.

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Regular AC maintenance from Winnipeg’s East Side Ventilation will help you get the full value of your investment in your air conditioning system, extending its life, preventing breakdowns and reducing the need for repairs. Call us to book an appointment for efficient air conditioner cleaning service.

Can Cleaning Improve Your Air Conditioner’s Performance?

The dust and debris that accumulate in your air conditioner unit can substantially reduce the performance of your AC. The dust build-up can put stress on the blower and air filters and thus It is important to remove this dust and dirt from time to time. A clogged air filter can create other problems in your air conditioning unit in the long run. It adversely affects the quality of air circulated through the ducts of your AC.

Seasonal cleaning of your AC is crucial for the efficient functioning of your AC mechanism to ensure that your house is optimally cooled during the summers. It is important to understand that your AC will need a bit of cleaning after it has been out of function for an entire season.

Reasons Why Air Conditioner Cleaning Is Essential

A clean air conditioner unit is necessary for more than just maintaining comfortable temperatures in your house. The other benefits of cleaning your AC include:

Improved performance efficiency

Lower electricity bills

Refined indoor air quality

Avoiding future repairs and replacement costs
Air Conditioner Cleaning Tips

Here’s how you can improve the performance of your air conditioner simply by cleaning it thoroughly.

The dust and debris that collects on the coils can block the air flow and also affect the heat transfer adversely. Cleaning the coils can improve airflow immediately.

A clogged condenser can also impact your system’s ability to control the humidity. If unchecked for a long time, it can also cause water damage in the home.

The ducts and blower components also need cleaning and adjustment from time to time in order to maintain proper airflow.

Why Call for Professional Help?

Dust, scale, mould and other debris can build-up on and inside your air conditioner. Professional air conditioner cleaning by East Side ventilation is a thorough cleaning of parts such as the coil, blower fan, drain pan, and plenums which are hard to access and clean thoroughly. Seasonal cleaning of your air conditioner will keep clean air flowing through your home and help reduce allergens. AC cleaning is especially important if you have family members who have allergies, if you have pets, or if you have recently had renovations done in your home.

While we’re cleaning your AC unit, we can also clean your ductwork and furnace for an overall HVAC tune-up. As your trusted Winnipeg air conditioning experts, we’ll check all of your system’s components, including the condenser, evaporator, blower, and filter to ensure your system is clean and functioning properly.

Call us today to schedule your AC maintenance or use the convenient online form to contact us. We serve Winnipeg and other communities throughout Manitoba and look forward to serving you!

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