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AC Repair & Replacement

Get 24/7 Emergency Air Conditioning Repair in Winnipeg and the Surrounding Area

It’s easy to forget how hot summers in Manitoba can be – until you’re sweltering through a hot July day with a broken air conditioner. When you need emergency AC service in Winnipeg, or in the surrounding areas, East Side Ventilation offers 24/7, on-call service. Our AC repair specialists are experienced in working with all makes and models of air conditioner units and are dispatched to your home equipped to run a full diagnostic and make most repairs during their service call.

East Side Ventilation also offers seasonal maintenance programs, including full inspection and tune-up, to ensure your air conditioner keeps your home comfortable all summer long. Call us today to book an appointment for a quick diagnosis of the technical problem in your air conditioner or other air conditioning repair services.

Warning Signs of Air Conditioner repairs to Notice

Just like any other system, air conditioners also tend to develop problems after consistent usage. Mostly every unit sends out signals of distress or issues before it ultimately breaks down. Here are some of the signs that you need to look out for:

Your unit is leaking water

Your unit isn’t providing adequate airflow

Your unit is blowing out hot air

You hear odd sounds from the motor or fan of the AC

Your unit is releasing pungent odours

Air Conditioning Problems That Require Professional Help

If a regular and superficial clean up of the filter and the body does not rectify the problem you are facing with your air conditioner, it is advisable to get the services of an expert. Here are some common problems that are going to require a thorough repair by experts:

The air conditioner does not switch on: If you are having trouble switching on your air conditioner, there could be a fault in the thermostat or the electrical panel. There could also be a fault in the breaker. It is important to get an expert to examine your AC unit and diagnose the problem.

Inefficient cooling: If the cooling is inconsistent or inadequate, it could be because of the air filter. The dust and dirt build-up on the outdoor unit could also impede the cooling. Our experts can provide you with a complete diagnosis of the problem. They will also carry out a thorough examination to determine if the lack of cooling is because of the leaking refrigerant.

Uneven cooling: Leakages in the ducts can cause uneven cooling. Uneven cooling could also be a result of insufficient insulation. Our experts can perform a complete evaluation of your AC unit to identify the problem without wasting any time.

Water dripping: If you encounter considerable leakage formed through the condense lines or that there is an icy deposit on the coils of the AC, it could be caused due to leaking refrigerant.

Air Conditioner Replacement

If your air conditioner is completely broken or inefficient, you’ll need a replacement. East Side Ventilation will swap your old system for a new, efficient unit that will help lower cooling costs. We offer R22 and 410A air conditioners.

We carry several air conditioner brands, including:







We are willing to accommodate other brands as well. Just let us know which one you’re interested in and we will help you out. If you're worried about the cost of a new energy-efficient A/C unit, you may be able to finance your replacement through the Manitoba Hydro Energy Efficiency Program.

Air Conditioner repairs

Trust Our Expertise for Prompt Solutions

Over the years of serving clients across Manitoba, we have established ourselves as trusted air conditioning repair service providers in Manitoba. We can provide a quick and accurate diagnosis of any kind of technical fault in your air conditioner. Our technicians are highly trained in identifying and restoring any kind of problems promptly without any delay. Our wide customer base across Manitoba is a resounding testimony of our responsive and efficient services.

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