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Furnace Cleaning

Extend Service Life with Regular Furnace Cleaning in Winnipeg

You probably know that you should change your furnace’s air filter regularly. Clogged filters mean the furnace needs to work harder to get warm air through the house, wearing out components, and increasing your energy costs. But your filter is only one component of the system. The blower, blower motor and other components should also be cleared of dust, grime, and debris that can impact both the furnace’s performance and the air quality in your home. If you have pets, an older furnace, or have been through a recent renovation, get your essential furnace cleaning in Winnipeg from East Side Ventilation.

Don't wait until someone in your home falls sick due to poor air quality; schedule a furnace cleaning in Winnipeg today.

Why You Should Clean Your Furnace

With heavy and prolonged usage, your furnace accumulates a lot of dust, dirt and debris. Allowing these elements to remain inside your home can cause or worsen problems related to respiratory illnesses. Scheduling regular furnace cleaning can help you avoid all of these problems. Getting your furnace cleaned can also help with:

Prolonging your furnace's life
Improving your furnace's performance
Lowering your energy bills
Eliminating the need for costly repairs and replacements
Removing unpleasant odours
Improving air-flow

Invest a little on cleaning and maintenance now and you can save money in the long run. Our certified furnace technicians have been keeping heating systems clean for homeowners since 1996.

Please note we do not offer chimney or kitchen exhaust cleaning.

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The Process of Cleaning a Furnace

Cleaning your furnace is a straightforward process, but it requires the assistance of professionals. It involves the following steps:

Inspection of your furnace

Meticulous cleaning of your blower motor, along with an operation test

A check for loose wires and an examination of electrical connections

Gas pressure test and a leak check

Cleaning of the heat exchanger and combustion chamber

Carbon-monoxide leak test

Assessing the ducts for blockages or leaks

A look at the thermostat controls

Do you have any questions regarding our furnace cleaning in Winnipeg? You can send them to us, and we will get back to you shortly.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

When you combine our furnace cleaning with complete duct cleaning, you can greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home or business. We remove dust, dirt and allergens with our power duct cleaning system and have the speciality cameras and high-power brushes to locate and remedy the dirtiest ducts. Your furnace and ducts work together as a system. It is through the ducts that air enters and exits the furnace. There are many reasons why you should get your ducts and furnace cleaned together, including:

A combined cleaning job makes it more effective.

Getting your ducts and furnace cleaned together eliminates the need for multiple technician visits.

A dirty duct will affect the performance of a furnace and vice versa.

The two systems are made to be cleaned and serviced in unison.

A clean furnace and duct system can enhance the air-quality in your home, and prevent respiratory illnesses.

Contact Us for Furnace Cleaning

When you need residential furnace cleaning in Winnipeg, East Side Ventilation has a plan for you. With our help, you will have a furnace that will heat your home efficiently for years to come. Call 204-667-8700 or fill out the form to find out more about your maintenance and furnace service options including Adjusting controls and installation.

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